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Don’t Miss Out! Join Project Vilo

The Vilo app is sweeping through the world, and for good reason. Its causality centered design means you can track your habits, gain real insight into Yourself and change and adjust your behavior according to the analytical findings in the Vilo causality reports

Project Vilo,

Are You Using Vilo Correctly?

As you already know from previous articles, Vilo is the new causality app, designed to make your life easier by allowing you to see precisely which factors in your life influence your wellbeing, and how. To get the most out of Vilo, you need to ensure you’re using it correctly. These are a few tips and guidelines.

Project Vilo,

How the Vilo Project can change your life

Have you ever thought about the idea that everything we do in life is connected to each other, that one choice fuels the other, one action sparks a reaction and so goes the infinite chain of cause and effects relationships in our lives. What if – we could break these down. What if – we could decode them?